How to Maximize Summer Sales & Profits
With Fresh California Apricots


Double your apricot sales with proven effective displays and strong merchandising ideas like these:

Catch Your Customers' Attention

  • Use our coloful POP to bring shoppers to your apricot display.
  • Promote the "Get them while they're here" story.
  • Make the connection with "California Quality."
  • Arrange your fresh apricots between color contrasted fruits like plums, red or green apples, cherries or kiwi fruit.
  • Place fruits of comparable size and price nearby to promote your seasonal price/value story.
  • Use waterfalls and island display units to attract shoppers.
Feature the Ripest Fruit First

  • Sort your apricots according to maturity level.
  • Provide ripening bags to encourage your customers to buy in larger volume.
  • Keep your fruit looking fresh and appealing all day by periodically rotating the ripest fruit forward.
Minimize Handling

  • Display your fresh California Apricots in their original containers.
  • Offer ripe fruit in quart or pint baskets and display them separately from your bulk display.
  • Avoid bruising by stacking your bulk fruit no more than two layers deep.
Promote the Nutrition Benefits

  • Fat-free.
  • Sodium-free.
  • Cholesterol-free.
  • High in vitamins A and C.
  • A good source of potassium.
Develop More Sales with Cross Merchandising

  • Tie in items include pastry mixes, canning and preservative products, baking ingredients, smoothie mixes and breakfast cereals.

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California Apricots